Here's the real key of what I can do for YOUR business:

We work together to increase the impact of your advertising by assessing what you are currently doing for your business. Then we can implement proven techniques to get you more leads/clients and increase your profits in a matter of months, not years!

Are your ideas clogging your brain? Do you have enough time in your day to actually implement all your great marketing ideas? Can you get out of your own way and allow me to do what I do best for you? And what do I do best? Marketing implementation!

How do I assess your current advertising and marketing?

I ensure that the combination of these three things are inline with your business:

1) Audience- Are you targeting the right audience for your
2) Message- Are you creating and using the best message to
reach your audience and get them to be your client/customer?
3) Media- Are you using the best combination of media to reach your
customers? (direct mail, email, website, fax, voicemail
broadcasting, print advertising, public relations)

Here are some specific things I can do for you:

  • Finding Out What Your Customers WANT and Creating it FOR THEM!  This is a novel idea I know ;-), and yet it's SO easy, once you know how to craft the write questions, and write the best email sequence to get your list to respond. I'm known as the Survey Maven, I've created hundreds of surveys helping so many business owners make more money because they're giving their list EXACTLY what they asked for!  Check this out for more.

  • Launching New Products/Services- Need help launching your new products/services? Why not hire someone who can take away all the pain and just bring you the joy of making money on new products. I'm an expert in putting together product launches. I can guide you through the painless process of launching and help you create all the profits that you deserve. Get my free report here!

  • Creating Products/Courses- Ever wanted to created a product or a course and have no idea where to start? y Background is in education and I've created many courses that have done incredibly well.  I've made a lot of mistakes so YOU won't have to!

  • Turning Your Products into Online Courses- Have you already created a printed product and now want to join the online revolution and turn it into an online course? That's what we do! We've taken many printed courses and turned them into online courses for an incredibly reasonable price!

  • Free Reports- If you're just starting out as an Information Marketer, you most definitely need one of these! Know you need one and have no clue where to start? Let me write it for you. I've written many of these already and am happy to come up with the title, create, write, format and put it into a PDF for you.

  • Testimonials- Know you need to get these from your clients yet you have no idea how to start collecting them? I know the intricate process on how to go about collecting these on a short and long term basis. Don't let another minute go by without these valuable assets to your business. Let me get your testimonials for you. I have a special form, and can collect them with audio, video, or simple fax, email or snail mail. Need their photograph too- no worries, I can do it all for you.

  • Irresistible Offer- Stumped by not knowing the first thing about creating an irresistible offer to get those new prospects buying your products or services by the truckload? I've created many of these and can come up with a ton of ideas for you that we can implement right into your business and get these offers making you money right away.

  • Auto Responders- Have you been hearing this word a lot? Well I know exactly what they are, and what companies to use to service your needs. I can set you up on one, add the script to your website and I can even write all your emails to go into your campaigns for you.

  • Marketing Calendar/Plan- Have you done this yet for 2007-2008? I will create and implement your marketing plans/calendars- for the whole year- this way it’s all planned out now!

Still not sure how I can help you??
What kind of a business person are you:

1) I'm a take action person and want to work with someone who will help
me implement all my great ideas.

2) I have a great business, I just need someone to jumpstart my
marketing to get more leads and generate more profits to have a
steadier flow of income.

3) I love what I do and really want to find someone in marketing who can
take me and my business to that next level of success and profits.

If you see yourself in one of the above statements then you are the client that I want to work with. You see my services aren't for everyone. I only want to work with business owners who see value in marketing and are willing to spend some money and take action to do whatever it takes to make their businesses wildly successful.

Why not contact me and let me do a Marketing Analysis
for your business for an investment of only $997. ($3,000 value) By doing an analysis, we can assess the best place to start getting you more leads/clients and increase your profits now.

I’ll sweeten the deal even more—I invite you to put all the risk on me-

Here’s my guarantee:

If for any reason you are not happy with the work we do for you; or you don’t see our agreed targets for higher profits, more free time, more leads, and more sales within ninety days, I’ll give you your money back. A 100% refund, no questions asked. How’s that for a money back guarantee? You can’t lose money on this offer.

Contact McCaffery Communications today by:
1) Email
2) Phone- 888-856-6222
3) Fax- 815-550-2431

You can't afford NOT to contact me! All those money-making ideas that are sitting in your brain or on your shelf are just gathering dust and COSTING YOU MONEY. Don't you want to add some more cash to your bottom line? Call me now so I can work with you to implement those great ideas and help you bring in the cash you so well deserve! If you're still reading this, what are you waiting for contact me now??!!