About The Company

Put Shannon and McCaffery Communication's 20 years of experience in strategic marketing, corporate communications, coaching, sales, management, event planning, and growing and launching new businesses to work for you.

Areas of Expertise:
She's known as the "Idea Queen" and her key areas of expertise are providing coaching, guidance, communications, leadership and marketing advisory and consulting services to information marketers, entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate leaders and professionals. She not only consults with you on how to make your business more successful, she also is a Marketing ImpleMENTOR. This means, she works with you on what to do with your advertising and marketing, and also will implement all or some of it FOR YOU.

Before McCaffery Communications:
Before opening up her own business she was a successful Director of Marketing in the US and International, Market Researcher, Sales Manager, and Event Marketer for a few Fortune 500 companies. She’s also a graduate of Coach U Inc. Her ability to accurately assess people’s business, pinpoint key areas for improvement which in turn generates more coffers in the bank, is highly valued by her clients.

Shannon's Official Bio:

Shannon McCaffery is Chief Marketing Implementer for MarketingImplementer.com, a direct response marketing company.  She is an expert direct response marketer, product launch manager, strategic coach, project manager and product creation specialist.

She has a gift of accurately assessing your marketing, pinpointing key areas to increase its impact, which in turn generates more money in the bank for you. 

She specializes in working with Information marketers and Internet marketers, creating surveys, creating information products and doing money-making product launches. She’s helped countless of entrepreneurs and online marketers like Alex Mandossian, Yanik Silver, Jack Canfield, Jeff Walker, Mike Koenigs, and Ted Thomas, Jack Canfield, to create more successful businesses and product launches. Most recently she worked with Glazer Kennedy as their Executive Director of Events, Affiliates and Launches.

One of the tools she uses with her clients is how she’s conducted hundreds of surveys and achieved amazing results. 

She’s also a former executive from corporate America, and has over 20 years of experience in coaching, marketing, communications, management, and sales, working at several Fortune 500 companies, including Cendant, Simon & Schuster International and Pearson, plc. 

What She Wants For You:
What she wants for you in your business is to have that same perseverance, stamina and passion as her family does. To not only make your business succeed, but to flourish, and to overcome any obstacle that gets in your way. Your business needs to give you the wealth and financial freedom you so deserve.