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If You Had a Magic Wand, What Would Be The One Thing You Would Wish For In Your Business? More Clients? More Money? More Time? A Better Converting Website? Proven Marketing Funnel?

Dear Entrepreneur, Business Owner & Professional,

I’m Shannon McCaffery, Chief Marketing Implementer. If you're reading this right now, you might be tired, worn out and maybe event somewhat frustrated because either your advertising isn't working, you're not getting the new clients that you deserve, or maybe you have too many great ideas or juggling of new projects and just want to someone to implement them for you.  Let's start here-

Can you answer yes to any of these questions?

1) Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars on marketing and
advertising that doesn’t bring you any qualified leads, new clients,
and more money?

2) Launching a product or service and need an expert on board to guide you through the process and make your launch a tremendous success?

3) Are you convinced you should be getting better results from your
marketing and advertising campaigns?

4) Are you trying to “do it all” to run your business and finding you have
less and less time to bring in new clients?

5) Do you have lots of “great ideas” but have no time or qualified people
to do your marketing implementation?

Did you answer yes to one—or all—of these questions? If you did, I have good news: There is a solution and the even greater news is this is what I do for my clients. 

Are you interested in discovering a better way to get your marketing done? Do you want to be able to get all the new clients you want and make more money, faster, on time, and on budget with no headaches in 90 days or less?

Well, with just a few changes in your marketing, you could dramatically increase your leads and profits in a matter of 90 days! Of course, you’re thinking "That’s easy to say. How can you show me any thing different that I haven’t already spent thousands of dollars doing myself?"

That’s a good question. No doubt you’ve heard all kinds of sale pitches promising the same thing. You’ve earned the right to be skeptical, and in your shoes, I’d be skeptical too.

That’s why I’m not asking you to take my word for it. Here’s what some of my clients are saying:

 Do You Need a Superstar?
If your answer was yes, Shannon McCaffery is the person you’re looking for.  She understands marketing, people and how to get stuff done.  Shannon likes to refer to herself as an implementer, which is true.  I can tell you, she is a lot more than that.  She is a facilitator and a planner.  She listens to your challenges and makes suggestions with solutions.  She will agree and help you get off to the races just like NASCAR.  She hangs in for the duration.


  Marketing is Shannon’s strength; Direct Marketing, Online and Offline.  She works with your people and finds the bottle necks.  She can handle scripts, understands video and audio and the complexities of software and major programs. 

She bypasses the BS, stays on time and in budget, which always seems impossible in the Information Marketing Business.  She finds someone who is always off track and pulls them along.  She anticipates and solves.  If you need a Super Star, Shannon is available on a contract basis and she will save you a ton of money and time and the embarrassment of always being behind with your competitors. 


~Ted Thomas

America’s Tax Lien Certificate &
Tax Deed Authority & Coach



Shannon recently helped me get multiple projects off the ground at one time.  She is organized, effective and very invested in your success.  If you have the opportunity to work with her, just say "yes" as she will do what it takes to make certain you are 100% thrilled with her efforts.”   

~ Karen Schaefer
Founder Simple Appeal & APSD


“Shannon guiding my marketing campaign has unbelievably helped me increase my client base, and boost my sales in just 3 months!”
~ Holly Getty, Style Consultant, NYC

“Having great marketing plans and ideas are useful – implementing them is PRICELESS! When Shannon first approached me about turning over the implementation of my marketing to her company, I was very skeptical. After all, marketing is the lifeblood of our businesses and I couldn’t afford any mistakes.

Well, it took about 2 hours to get over being skeptical. Overnight, Shannon, whom I call my “Chief Implementation Officer,” erased my marketing hassles and headaches. Instead of sweating over a laser printer at 11PM on a Sunday night, I now check my email inbox and see that Shannon has handled it.

In addition to getting things done on time without errors, Shannon is a top-marketing strategist who understands big company marketing and is also expert in Dan Kennedy style marketing (perfect for small businesses). If you own or run a business, using Shannon as your Chief Implementation Officer is like being able to print money. And, without someone like her, you are losing valuable time and money.”
~ Rob Berkley, Executive Coach and Business Advisor,
Group MV, Vision Day, West Tisbury, MA


"I gladly hired Shannon because she does what I teach others – hire people (experts) to get things done like putting a 4-CD package together. I explained the project once, she got it, and developed an aggressive, but reasonable project timeline and plan. She made decisions easy for me and provided me great input and advice to make key decisions on the project. She got the project done on time, on budget, and juggled all the details of the project that a marketer like me HATES to think about. What a great feeling to have someone move a project from idea to completed product in such a short time! You truly lived up to your name – Marketing Implementer!"
~ Bob Regnerus, Internet Lead Generation Expert, TheLeadsKing , Palos Heights, Illinois


   "Her willingness and enthusiasm to get the job done – and her can do attitude is fantastic. I also love the use of her forms to define and track projects. Shannon’s patience, sense of humor, accessibility and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated."
~ Jackie Davis,RoomScape, Wilmington, MA

It’s not magic, it’s easier than that!

To my clients, getting great results in so short a time frame may seem like a miracle—but my clients know it’s not magic. The secret is using certain proven and measurable marketing methods--methods that the average ad agency simply doesn't understand. It’s not magic you are only going to use safe, reliable, proven, and measurable marketing methods (some you may not even know about).

Now take a gander and see if you recognize any of these classic money making secrets:

• When you have this knowledge there is no competition.This is the
must, must rule: knowing the optimum amount of times you must touch your customers and clients.

• Increase the lifetime value of your customers—and insulate them from the competition—with our simple low-cost program.

• The secret of speaking to your customers like their best friend, one person at a time, even when you’re marketing to thousands.

• Get the kind of attention that makes prospects take action that favors your company. Position your products or services in this way and customers must come to you.

• Stop wasting money on marketing that falls on deaf ears. Start using
powerful targeting techniques
and stop talking to people who are not
now, and never will be, your clients.

• Create ambassadors that are your unpaid, but highly productive sales
force. These simple, but not so obvious, methods that do more than
generate referra

The second --and most important secret revealed--we put them into action. It's this part that so many business owners either never get to or don't put in the full effort. That won't happen to you! The key to your success in growing your business is to have someone doing your marketing implementation now!

Are you ready to dump the exorbitant advertising/marketing programs that are sucking you dry and wasting all your precious time? Now, you can get better results with a company that can work within your budget—or under your budget—on time, and

More action = more leads = more clients = more money = more profits = less stress

That’s the promise I make to the people I work with. I’ll put twenty years of strategic marketing, direct mail, marketing communications, coaching, and sales training experience to work for you.

Using only tested and proven programs, you will grow your business, or practice, if you sell products or services, either business to business or business to consumer. So if you contact me today, I’ll put together a Marketing Analysis for your business for a minimal investment of $997. This analysis will enable you to pinpoint what actions you need to take in your marketing to see results.

You will see results like:

1. Working with proven marketing techniques that produce results that you can actually take to the bank. Financial freedom is the key for
anything you want.

2. You’ll increase your clients and marketing share in a little as two
—faster than it takes most companies just to make a
plan—and still be ready to take action. With that speed of planning
and execution you’ll leave the competition huffing and puffing, but
not down your neck.

3. You’ll be able to spend your time on the other parts of your business that need you attention. Operations all set? How about that vacation you always wanted to take but never could?

4. You will have the confidence that your products and services will have an effective message, advertised in the right media, and using the
right marketing strategies. This eliminates money wasted on ineffective
advertising and maximizes the return on your marketing investment.

Our success opens the door to a new opportunity for you

If you’re thinking; given the level of success we’ve created for our clients that you could never afford me. Well, consider this: What you cannot afford is to waste money on advertising and marketing that doesn’t work. Our clients don’t pay us one cent from their existing budgets. However they do pay us a LOT OF MONEY for the customers/clients, sales, time savings, but from the profits they never would have earned if they had not hired me.

You're probably scratching you head right now. You’re wondering to yourself why we're offering this service to a business owners? Well, I’ve got twenty years helping our clients become the best in their field and I’m good at it.

One of the advantages of my success is I've developed ways to do our job that gives us extra time and resources to add new clients. I want to take a select group of entrepreneurs and bring them to the next level of success.

This is a rare opportunity to get the same “special” planning and execution of targeted, laser focused, done for you marketing programs only available to a select group of entrepreneurs.

Do you know how high is up for sales and profits in your business?  Your sales are waiting, every day you put off taking action your opportunity is slipping away, maybe into the hands of your competition.

A Warning: Understand that one of the characteristics I look for when choosing to work with any entrepreneur is the ability to be decisive.

Here’s the Deal Take Action Now:

For the first business owners who contact me, you will get a Marketing Analysis of your business for only $997. Here's what you will get:

1) Thorough Top To Bottom Analysis of Your Business- I have very specific proven and targeted questions that I've used with hundreds of clients. These questions accurately assess your business and will find your hidden money right away. ($199 Value) 

2) Marketing Road Map To Riches Call- This is a 60 minute call with me where we go over in intricate detail about what's work's working in your business, what's not working and what you want help with and what your specific goals are for growth.This step is really important and THE most useful part for all my clients.  This is where we layout your strategic plan filled with proven money making ideas for your business.  Just an aside - This 60 minute call alone is incredibly valuable. ($399 Value)  

3) Your Marketing Road Map to Riches Plan - (AKA - keys to your hiden riches buried in your business) I take everything from our 60 minute call and create your written Marketing Road Map specifically for you. This plan will give you a proven step by step plan with ideas and strategies that will not only tell you what to do, but how to do it. It will be a turn key plan you can implement yourself, or give to your virtual assistant, or have my team implement all these money making marketing ideas for you. This plan will be your key to success and allow you to make more money now. It will give you the exact plan on how to uncover your hidden money in your business today. ($999 Value)

Here's My Best Offer to you, for ONLY $997 ($1,597 Value) You save $600 if you  take advantage of this offer BEFORE I RUN OUT OF SPACES!

But that’s not all…

Remember what I told you earlier about the second secret of the success of any marketing plan? That’s right—taking action! When you take some action, like contacting me, I will also give you a copy of my free report-Creating Killer Direct Mail Pieces That Will Get Opened! ($19.99 Value)

Since this will be your first experience with me, to make the decision to use our services easier, I’m offering you my special report. I'm going to let you in on some key marketing secrets you can actually take back and use in your business today. Now why am I doing this you ask? Because I want you to know how committed I am to you marketing your business to success. I know every little bit of information will help. I'm also secretly hoping you will like what you see and maybe even contact me for more information.

I’ll sweeten the deal even more—I invite you to put all the risk on me

Here’s my guarantee: If for any reason you are not happy with the work we do for you; or you don’t see our agreed targets for higher profits, more free time, more leads, and more sales within ninety days, I’ll give you your money back. A 100% refund, no questions asked. Of course the marketing audit is all yours and you are free to use the information in their to jump start your marketing.

How’s that for a money back guarantee? You can’t lose money on this offer. Contact me today by email, phone, or fax, but get going today. This offer will go fast; chances are people are calling while you are reading this. Why not act now.

Here’s everything you’re going to get when you contact me today:

1.Marketing Road Map For Your Business- For an investment of
$997 ($1,597 Value) you will get a Marketing Road Map to Riches Buried in your business that will give you keys to be more effective in your marketing and could lead you to higher profits in the next ninety days. With this analysis in hand, you will be able to take it to the bank and see right away where you can improve your business and make money and get new
clients today, not 9 months from now!

2. You will get a copy of my free report-Creating Killer Mail Pieces That Will Get Opened! ($19.99 value)

3. The results of the project are guaranteed. If we don’t
meet the agreed on targets, or you're just not satisfied with our work,
you get a 100% refund, no questions asked.

4. If you contact me right now to set up a Marketing Analysis-I'll
throw in a FREE copy of Dan Kennedy's ebook- Mega Profit
Explosion Strategies.
This ebook reveals awesome money-making
secrets and strategies for the business owner. You can't afford to
pass up this FREE ebook from the millionaire-maker Dan
Just send me an email to set up an appointment to invest $997 ($1,597  Value) in my Marketing Analysis of your business and I'll
email you a copy of his ebook. (ebook is valued at $129)

If you want to take your business to the next level, have more effective marketing, and increase your sales:

• E-mail me at

• Fax your name, company name, city, state, zip and phone number to
(815) 550-2431

Here's to your success!

Shannon M. McCaffery
Chief Marketing Implementer
Your marketing done right, on time, within budget—guaranteed!
Implementation is Key to the Success of Your Business!

P.S. 1- Contact me right now and I'll throw in a FREE copy of Dan Kennedy's Mega Profit Explosion Strategies. This book reveals awesome money-making secrets and strategies for the business owner. You can't afford to pass up this FREE ebook ($129 value)from the millionaire-maker Dan Kennedy. If you don't know who he is- he's internationally recognized as a 'millionaire-maker', helping people in just about every category of business turn their ideas into fortunes. He has been called the "Professor of Harsh Reality" because he's provocative, irreverent, sarcastic, and tells it like it is in a humorous, but chilling, serious fashion that cuts to the core of the issues in a way no other marketing 'guru' does. Just leave me a message (888) 856-McCC (6222) or send me an email to set up an appointment to invest $997 ($1,597 value) in my Marketing Analysis of your business (ebook is valued at $129) and I'll email you a copy of his book.

P.S. 2- Here’s a fast action bonus. When you are one of the elite business owners who call, you’ll lock out your competitors. You will be the only one in your field or industry eligible for my Marketing Analysis . While the competition decides to “think about” our offer, your fast action will close this opportunity to them. How often do you get to operate without competition?

P.S. 3- Ok, you're gun shy, you don't want to contact me, but how about you at least let me send you a copy of my FREE Report- The Marketing Mistakes People Make That Could Bankrupt Their Business & How You Can Avoid Them! ($39 value) Sign up here.


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